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High Quality Roof Tiles in Essex

High Quality Roof Tiles

No matter where you live or what style property you have, the roof tiles are one of the things that often let a property down.

Even some of the more expensive executive properties appear to have cut corners on the quality of the roof tiles selected for the roof.

High quality roof tiles don't have to break the bank!

Whenever you deal with Heritage Clay Tiles Ltd you can be guaranteed that the roof tiles you purchase will be the highest quality roof tiles available for your particular roofing project and at a very competitive price. We are a market leader in high quality roof tiles, in fact we are confident that we are the United Kingdoms leading supplier of high quality handmade and handcrafted clay roof tiles, peg tiles and machine made tiles.

Heritage Clay Tiles Ltd are a dedicated group of professionals who are skilled, motivated and dedicated experts in the clay tile industry.

A wide choice of high quality roof tiles

Heritage Clay Tiles Ltd always stock a wide and varied colour choice of high quality roof tiles, including interesting shades and custom made styles available, allowing the project manager, architect, specifier or homeowner to have the ability to create an amazing design that will enhance any property.

Old slipped or broken tiles don't just look unsightly, they have the potential to allow serious damage to occur to the property beneath by allowing water to enter the property through the roof.

The importance of ensuring you have high quality roof tiles fitted correctly cannot be stressed enough. The cost of water damage will be far greater than the cost of new tiles to replace damaged ones.

So if you are looking to have your roof tiled or are a builder after high quality roof tiles, Heritage Clay Tiles Ltd are the company to contact today.

A little information about Essex

Essex is a busy and vibrant county to live and work in. Essex is situated in the southeast part of England, a little northeast of London. Essex is one of the home counties and borders with Suffolk and Cambridgeshire to the north, Hertfordshire to the west, Kent across the River Thames to the south, and London to the southwest. The county town of Essex is Chelmsford, which is actually the only city in the county.

Gorgeous clay roof tiles in Essex from Heritage Clay Tiles Ltd

No matter what style or age your property is in the Essex area, Heritage Clay Tiles Ltd can advise you as to what tiles would suit your build the best. We have a wealth of experience in the roofing industry and an enviable reputation as one of the most trusted manufacturers and suppliers of clay roof tiles in the country.

A little history about Essex

After the Norman Conquest in Essex

After the Norman Conquest, county rather than shire became the more usual term to describe Englands main sub-divisions, but their boundaries and role remained pretty much the same.

The invading tribes established a number of castles in the county of Essex, to help protect the new elites in a hostile country. There were castles at Colchester, Castle Hedingham, Rayleigh, Pleshey and elsewhere. Hadleigh Castle was developed much later, in the thirteenth century.

After the arrival of the Normans, the Forest of Essex was established, this was a Royal forest which covered the large majority of the county, however it is important to note that at that time, the term forest was a legal term, and that at this stage had a weak correlation between woods and commons and the extent of the forest, most of the Forest of Essex was at that time farmland. An analysis of Domesday returns for Essex was conducted and the findings were able to estimate that the county of Essex was 20% wooded in 1086 with the proportion declining steeply between that point and the depopulation associated with the Black Death. In 1204, the area north of the Stanestreet was disafforested. Gradually, the areas subject to forest law diminished, until in 1878 what remained of the forest of Essex was disafforested, but at various times they included the forests of Writtle and Waltham Forest, as well as Epping Forest and Hainault Forest.

So if you live or have a business in or around the Essex area, give Heritage Clay Tiles Ltd a call for the very finest quality clay roof tiles that can be bought.

Products available from Heritage Clay Tiles Ltd in Essex

Clay Roof Tiles in Essex

Handmade Clay Tiles in Essex

Handmade Roof Tiles in Essex

Traditional clay tiles in Essex

Traditional roof tiles in Essex

Clayhall Roof Tiles in Essex

Victorian Roof Tiles in Essex

Products available from Heritage Clay Tiles Ltd in Hampshire

Clay Roof Tiles in Hampshire

Handmade Clay Tiles in Hampshire

Handmade Roof Tiles in Hampshire

High Quality Roof Tiles in Hampshire

Traditional clay tiles in Hampshire

Traditional roof tiles in Hampshire

Clayhall Roof Tiles in Hampshire

Victorian Roof Tiles in Hampshire

Products available from Heritage Clay Tiles Ltd in Hertfordshire

Clay Roof Tiles in Hertfordshire

Handmade Clay Tiles in Hertfordshire

Handmade Roof Tiles in Hertfordshire

High Quality Roof Tiles in Hertfordshire

Traditional clay tiles in Hertfordshire

Traditional roof tiles in Hertfordshire

Clayhall Roof Tiles in Hertfordshire

Victorian Roof Tiles in Hertfordshire

Products available from Heritage Clay Tiles Ltd in Kent

Clay Roof Tiles in Kent

Handmade Clay Tiles in Kent

Handmade Roof Tiles in Kent

High Quality Roof Tiles in Kent

Traditional clay tiles in Kent

Traditional roof tiles in Kent

Clayhall Roof Tiles in Kent

Victorian Roof Tiles in Kent

Products available from Heritage Clay Tiles Ltd in London

Clay Roof Tiles in London

Handmade Clay Tiles in London

Handmade Roof Tiles in London

High Quality Roof Tiles in London

Traditional clay tiles in London

Traditional roof tiles in London

Clayhall Roof Tiles in London

Victorian Roof Tiles in London

Products available from Heritage Clay Tiles Ltd in Surrey

Clay Roof Tiles in Surrey

Handmade Clay Tiles in Surrey

Handmade Roof Tiles in Surrey

High Quality Roof Tiles in Surrey

Traditional clay tiles in Surrey

Traditional roof tiles in Surrey

Clayhall Roof Tiles in Surrey

Victorian Roof Tiles in Surrey

Further Information

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