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Clay Roof Tiles in Buckinghamshire

Clay Roof Tiles

Clay roof tiles are still the best roofing finish

Wherever you look at building roofs, you're likely to see clay roof tiles. There's a very good reason for this, as no other material finishes off a building better than the humble clay roof tile.

To see why they are such a tried and tested method of roofing, let's look at just some of the reasons why clay roof tiles are so popular.

Clay roof tiles are incredibly durable

Clay tile roofs are a very durable roofing material. This is because they don't weather as quickly as other roofing materials. There are still ancient clay roof tiles on buildings that have lasted for hundreds of years.

Clay roof tiles are fireproof

You could argue that the clay roof tile was born in fire, so they are capable of withstanding immense heat when in place on the roof. The building may burn, but the clay roof tiles won't. Thatched property owners must detest the fireworks of November for fear of a stray rocket landing on the roof, but not such worries for the home finished with clay roof tiles.

Clay roof tiles are tougher than you think

Now clay roof tiles can be fragile if struck with a hammer, but they can easily withstand the heaviest hail and wind the weather can throw at them. As long as they have been securely fitted, little will undermine a quality clay roof tile.

In fact, clay roof tiles have very strong wind resistance. The layered structure makes clay roof tiles able to resist wind speeds up to two hundred miles per hour.

The longevity of the clay roof tile

The life expectancy of clay roof tiles can range anywhere from fifty to one hundred years. As long as they were installed properly, the clay roof tiles can them to last a very long time.

So much choice with clay roof tiles

There is a diversity of styles, textures and colour options available for clay roof tiles. Some of the style options include flat tiles, S-shaped clay roof tiles, barrel type tiles and Mediterranean style clay roof tiles. You will be certain to find a clay roof tile that suits your own properties style and your budget.

Clay roof tiles matching new to old

Clay roof tiles are fantastic when you want to restore an older building. We can order custom tiles to match the previous style your property had. This is great in areas where the more modern looking clay roof tile would simply look out of place.

Clay roof tiles are green

No, we don't necessarily mean in colour, but clay roof tiles are rather more of an ecologically sound roofing choice because they are made from natural materials that can be recycled time and time again. The process to manufacture clay roof tiles doesn't release massive amounts of harmful chemicals into the atmosphere either.

Clay roof tiles are energy efficient

Clay Tile roofs help to keep your home cool when fitted in warm climates. The way the tiles are layered allows for good air flow. This keeps your roof cool in the summer and warmer in the colder months too.

Clay roof tiles are versatile

Clay tile roofs are rather versatile. They come in many different shapes, textures and styles, making them the ideal roofing material for commercial and residential properties. They even have special shapes that allow for dome-shaped roof structures.

Clay roof tiles: As maintenance free as you could get

Clay Tile roofs don't need any regular maintenance to keep them looking good and keeping the elements out. They don't need to be power washed, painted, varnished or have any other kind of treatment. Sure, you could spray them to deter the build up of lichen or moss, but the only time the average clay roof tile would need attention is to be replaced or repaired.

A little information about Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire is a county that borders Greater London to the south-east, Berkshire to the south, Oxfordshire to the west, Northamptonshire to the north, Bedfordshire to the north-east and Hertfordshire to the east.

Buckinghamshire is considered to be one of the Home Counties, meaning that it is one of the counties that surround Greater London. Towns such as High Wycombe, Amersham, Chesham and the Chalfonts in the east and southeast of the county are parts of the London commuter belt, forming some of the most densely populated parts of the county, with some even being served by the London Underground. Development in this region is restricted by the Metropolitan Green Belt. The county's largest settlement and only city is Milton Keynes in the northeast, which with the surrounding area is administered by Milton Keynes City Council as a unitary authority separately to the rest of Buckinghamshire. The remainder of the county is administered by Buckinghamshire Council as another unitary authority. Other large settlements include the county town of Aylesbury in the centre, the former county town of Buckingham in the northwest.

Buckinghamshire is a beautiful county

A large part of the Chiltern Hills, which is classed as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, runs through the south of Buckinghamshire and attracts many walkers and cyclists from London. In this area older buildings are often made from local flint and red brick. Many parts of Buckinghamshire are quite affluent and like many areas around London this has led to high housing costs: several reports have identified the market town of Beaconsfield as having among the highest property prices outside London. Chequers, a mansion estate owned by the government, is the country retreat of the incumbent Prime Minister. Notable service amenities in the county are Pinewood Film Studios, Dorney rowing lake and part of Silverstone racetrack on the Northamptonshire border.

History of Buckinghamshire

The name Buckinghamshire is Anglo-Saxon in origin and means the district of Bucca's home. Bucca's home refers to Buckingham in the north of Buckinghamshire, and is named after an Anglo-Saxon landowner. Buckinghamshire has been so named since about the 12th century; however, the county has existed since it was a subdivision of the kingdom of Mercia from 585 to 919.

The history of Buckinghamshire predates the Anglo-Saxon period, and the county has a rich history starting from the Brythonic and Roman periods, though the Anglo-Saxons perhaps had the greatest impact on Buckinghamshire: the geography of the rural part of Buckinghamshire is largely as it was in the Anglo-Saxon period. Later, Buckinghamshire became an important political arena, with King Henry VIII intervening in local politics in the 16th century, and just a century later the English Civil War was reputedly started by John Hampden in Buckinghamshire.

Historically, the biggest change to Buckinghamshire came in the 19th century, when a combination of cholera and famine hit the county, forcing many local people to migrate to larger towns to find work. Not only did this alter the local economic situation, but it also meant a lot of land was going cheap at a time when the rich were more mobile, and Buckinghamshire became a popular rural idyll: an image it still has today. Buckinghamshire is a popular home for London commuters, leading to greater local affluence; however, some pockets of relative deprivation remain.

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