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Handmade Roof Tiles in Buckinghamshire

Handmade Roof Tiles

Handmade roof tiles or machine made alternatives

There are so many options to consider when it comes to choosing roof tiles for any building project. There is slate, concrete, and some people are even starting to experiment with wooden shingles like the ones used in parts of the United States of America. There are not just aesthetic differences to these types of roof tiles, but practical differences too. The longevity of a roof tile is also a very important consideration when choosing the roofing materials for your building project.

Handmade roof tiles remain a traditional favourite

Clay roof tiles have been used as roof coverings for thousands of years, and as you can probably guess, ancient civilisations never had mechanical presses to make their roof tiles. The handmade roof tile would have been the go to roofing material throughout the ages, and to prove this, archaeologists have found evidence of handmade roof tiles in China dating back as far as 10,000 BC. When the Romans landed in Britain during the first century AD, they brought the tradition of using handmade roof tiles with them - and they used them to cover their many styles of buildings.

Although popular for centuries, handmade roof tiles didn't really become popular in Britain until after the Great Fire of Southwark in 1212. Following the fire, King John made a proclamation, stating that buildings in London should be finished with clay roof tiles, rather than thatched roofing, since they were resistant to fire. So, the handmade roof tile had gained a foothold in the construction industry as a direct result of the fire.

Handmade roof tiles: ancient tradition into the modern day

On the whole, roof tiles would have been made by hand in a very time consuming manufacturing process, and the roofers would often struggle to get them to fit together owing to inconsistencies in their shape. Today, we still use handmade roof tiles when the utmost quality is desired and particularly when a period look for the building being tiled is a major consideration. The difference today however is that with advanced manufacturing techniques and the expertise of the craft; handmade roof tiles are able to achieve a more uniform shape and consistency.

Should a premium heritage look not be essential to the build, and a cheaper alternative is required, clay roof tiles can be made by machines much faster and at a more affordable price.

Whether you choose handmade roof tiles or ones made by a machine, the traditional clay roof tiles that are manufactured today also conform to modern building standards and can be used in dry-fix roofing systems, meaning they can be installed quickly and securely while providing the look you are searching for.

Choosing handmade roof tiles over machine made

Aesthetics are everything when it comes to a quality handmade roof tile. Sure, they need to be certified frost resistant and dense enough to keep the elements out, but a beautifully handmade roof tile will lift any property, whether that property happens to be a traditional period property or a more modern build.

Although handmade roof tiles are often chosen for a period property renovation, they can look equally magnificent on the more up to date dwelling.

In the end, your choice of roofing tile doesn't need to be based on whether you want something modern or traditional. Because you can achieve a traditional or contemporary style while enjoying the benefits of advanced manufacturing techniques that allow the handmade roof tile to be as consistent in shape as the machine made alternative.

The chances are that you will want to be concentrating on factors such as how the roof is designed, the durability of the roof tiles you choose and your budget. Then and only then, will you want to be bothered with selecting a roof tile that meets your building requirements, as well as the aesthetic you want to achieve. This is where the handmade roof tile really does come into its own.

The look that only a handmade roof tile can deliver

When you are thinking about the appearance of your handmade roof tile, you'll need to think about whether you want your property to stand out or blend in with its surroundings. This may involve looking at your location and what's in general use around you. For example, a bang up to date modern building with lots of floor to ceiling glazing and clean straight lines is going to lend itself to a machine made, uniform roof tile. A more period property would benefit from a traditional handmade roof tile that is in keeping with the overall appearance of the neighbouring properties. Roofing styles tend to vary depending on where you are, as the south-east has a good deal of properties that employ red clay tiles, and these lend themselves to the handmade roof tile perfectly.

Whatever type of property you have, if you'd like some help in deciding which type of roof tile is right for your building project, please get in touch with us for some professional advice. We have some of the best value handmade roof tiles money can buy.

A little information about Buckinghamshire

History of Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire

This Buckinghamshire parish comprises Beaconsfield town and land mainly given over arable land. Some beech forest remains to supply a well established and celebrated beech furniture industry in the nearby Buckinghamshire town of High Wycombe.

The Buckinghamshire town is recorded under a different spelling in property returns of 1185 where it is spelt Bekenesfeld, literally beechen field which would allude to a clearing in the beeches. The nearby Buckinghamshire town of Burnham Beeches is a forest named after the same beech trees. Although, it is often incorrectly contested that Beaconsfield derived its name from a street called Beacon Hill in neighbouring village, Penn, which was a lookout point and beacon originating in Saxon times. Local men were called to defend an island fort as the beacon was part of a chain from the naval base at Portsmouth via Butser Hill Hindhead, Hogsback and Windsor.

An annual charter fair is traditionally held on 10 May and has been held every year since 1269 in the Buckinghamshire town, celebrating its 750th year in 2019.

In the Victorian era the Buckinghamshire town was the home constituency of Benjamin Disraeli, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in 1868 and then again from 1874 until 1880. In 1876 he was made the 1st Earl of Beaconsfield by Queen Victoria with whom he was a favoured politician. It was due to this that Beaconsfield became a popular road name in industrial cities across the country in the late Victorian era.

The Buckinghamshire town has the first model village

Beaconsfield is the home of Bekonscot model village, which was the first model village in the world; and Beaconsfield Film Studios becoming the National Film and Television School. The Buckinghamshire town is the birthplace of Terry Pratchett, author of the Discworld series of fantasy novels.

The Buckinghamshire town of Beaconsfield has often been used as a location for the TV murder mystery series, Midsomer Murders and the Inspector Morse spinoff Lewis.

The Buckinghamshire town is famed for its thespian activities

Beaconsfield is also home to the Chiltern Shakespeare Company, which annually holds amateur performances of Shakespeare plays, Beaconsfield Theatre Group, Beaconsfield Musical and Operatic Society and to The Young Theatre, a theatre company run by young people for young people.

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