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Handmade Clay Tiles in Surrey

Handmade Clay Tiles

There is nothing better than a property finished off with the very highest quality handmade clay tiles on the roof.

Today there are many alternatives to the traditional clay roof tile, but there is a reason why the handmade clay tiles we produce to time honored production processes have stood the test of time, they are by far the best choice for any property, old or new.

Why compromise on quality or looks by using a synthetic alternative tile like product when you can have the quality, longevity and thermal properties of a traditional handmade clay tile on your roof?

Even tile hanging on vertical surfaces such as bay windows or areas beneath a run of windows will look far better with quality handmade clay tiles from the market leaders in clay roof tiles.

The choice of styles, colours and textures available to you today is so diverse. There simply is no such thing as a property that would not benefit from our handmade clay tiles.

A little information about Surrey

The formation of Surrey

During the fifth and sixth centuries Surrey was conquered and settled by Saxons. The names of possible tribes living in the area have been decided upon on the basis of place names. These include the Godhelmingas, from the Godalming area and Woccingas, from Woking and Wokingham in Berkshire. It has also been suggested that the entries for the Nox gaga and Oht gaga peoples in the Tribal Hidage may refer to two groups living in the Surrey area. Together their lands were assessed at a total of 7,000 hides, equal to the assessment for Sussex or Essex.

Surrey may well have formed part of a larger Middle Saxon kingdom, also including areas north of the Thames. The name Surrey comes from Su■rige, meaning southern region, and this may originate in its status as the southern portion of the Middle Saxon territory.

If it ever actually existed at all, the Middle Saxon kingdom had disappeared by the seventh century, and Surrey became a frontier area disputed between the kingdoms of Kent, Essex, Sussex, Wessex and Mercia, until its permanent absorption by Wessex in 825. Despite this situation it retained its identity as an enduring territorial unit.

During the seventh century Surrey became Christian and initially formed part of the East Saxon diocese of London, suggesting that it was under East Saxon rule at that time, but was later transferred to the West Saxon diocese of Winchester. Its most important religious institution throughout the Anglo-Saxon period and beyond was Chertsey Abbey, founded in 666.

At this point Surrey was evidently under Kentish domination, as the abbey was founded under the patronage of King Ecgberht of Kent. However, a few years later at least part of it was subject to Mercia, since in 673 to 675 further lands were given to Chertsey Abbey by Frithuwald, a local sub-king ruling under the sovereignty of Wulfhere of Mercia. A decade later Surrey passed into the hands of King Caedwalla of Wessex, who also conquered Kent and Sussex, and founded a monastery at Farnham in 686.

The region remained under the control of Caedwallas successor Ine in the early eighth century. Its political history for most of the eighth century is not fully understood, although West Saxon control may have broken down around 722, but by the year 785 it had passed into the hands of King Offa of Mercia. Mercian rule continued until 825, when following his victory over the Mercians at the Battle of Ellandun, King Egbert of Wessex seized control of Surrey, along with Sussex, Kent and Essex. It was incorporated into Wessex as a shire and continued thereafter under the rule of the West Saxon kings, who eventually became kings of all of England.

Products available from Heritage Clay Tiles Ltd in Essex

Clay Roof Tiles in Essex

Handmade Clay Tiles in Essex

Handmade Roof Tiles in Essex

High Quality Roof Tiles in Essex

Traditional clay tiles in Essex

Traditional roof tiles in Essex

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Victorian Roof Tiles in Essex

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Handmade Clay Tiles in Hampshire

Handmade Roof Tiles in Hampshire

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Traditional roof tiles in Hampshire

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Handmade Roof Tiles in Hertfordshire

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Traditional roof tiles in Hertfordshire

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Clay Roof Tiles in Kent

Handmade Clay Tiles in Kent

Handmade Roof Tiles in Kent

High Quality Roof Tiles in Kent

Traditional clay tiles in Kent

Traditional roof tiles in Kent

Clayhall Roof Tiles in Kent

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Clay Roof Tiles in London

Handmade Clay Tiles in London

Handmade Roof Tiles in London

High Quality Roof Tiles in London

Traditional clay tiles in London

Traditional roof tiles in London

Clayhall Roof Tiles in London

Victorian Roof Tiles in London

Products available from Heritage Clay Tiles Ltd in Surrey

Clay Roof Tiles in Surrey

Handmade Roof Tiles in Surrey

High Quality Roof Tiles in Surrey

Traditional clay tiles in Surrey

Traditional roof tiles in Surrey

Clayhall Roof Tiles in Surrey

Victorian Roof Tiles in Surrey

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