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Why We Use Clay Roof Tiles

An example of some clay roof tiles

We are frequently asked why we concentrate on clay roof tiles and not a wide range of other roofing materials. Quite simply, clay roof tiles are by far a superior product for successful and durable roofing projects than any other material. Many times we have heard of projects being undertaken with concrete tiles as a means of saving some money. This practice is false economy in our opinion as concrete tiles will not last anywhere near as long as clay roof tiles. Concrete tiles do have some positive points in common with clay roof tiles, but why compromise on the quality and durability that our genuine clay roof tiles bring to your building project?

Heritage Clay Tiles Ltd source only the very finest raw clay materials for our skilled craftsmen to create beautifully handmade clay tiles of the highest quality and durability. The manufacturing processes used by our suppliers are rigorously monitored and checked continuously in the factory to ensure that their standards are strictly adhered to before undergoing further stringent tests by Ceram Building Technology.

Owing to the superior quality and durability of clay roof tiles over other building materials, more builders choose to to use clay tiles for their building projects. A good clay roof tile will enjoy a very long life and clay roof tiles come in an extremely diverse range of styles, shapes and colours, something that is definately lacking in a concrete roof tile!

Clay roof tiles have stood the test of time!

Clay has been used throughout the ages as a reliable roofing material as well as recepticals for eating and drinking. Countless historic archeological sites around the globe have produced many examples of clay and these artefacts have illustrated just how durable and long lived clay products really are. The other good thing about clay as a building material is that the material can be fashioned into tiles of many different shapes, sizes, colours, and styles.

Some other advantages of clay roof tiles over other building materials

Clay roof tiles have a proven track record for being able to effectively insulate buildings. Clay roof tiles will help to keep a building warmer during the colder months and maintaining a cooler building in the summertime. This is because clay naturally reflects the heat from the sun, which is why clay roof tiles are frequently the preferred choice of roofing material in countries that are hot for a large proportion of the year.

Another great advantage of clay roof tiles, particularly the ones with a raised profile is that they will allow varying degrees of air flow. When air is permitted to circulate above and below the clay tiles, an insulating cushion of air becomes trapped between the tiles and the roof that increases the insulating ability of the the entire roof.

Clay roof tiles are extremely durable

Apart from being a very long lived and natural product, clay roof tiles are virtually maintenance free. They just need clearing of moss and other organic deposits from time to time and although some people like to have them pressure cleaned once a year or biannually, many others like the look they take on when weathered with time. Clay roof tiles are the perfect solution for preventing insects like masonry bees from tunnelling and, as long as you use a quality clay tile, they are resistant to thermal damage from freezing and thawing.

Clay roof tile popularity soared after the Great Fire of London!

Clay roof tiles are fire proof! This fact made them very popular for a roofing material following the Great Fire of London and many other conflagrations around the world. It has also been suggested that because clay was so effective at retarding fire, the rest of many buildings began to be constructed from fired materials such as bricks. Slate and concrete also played a role in preventing the spread of fire in a building.

Clay roof tiles are also completely impervious to the types of rot, mould, and water damage that tend to destroy inferior roofing materials.

Clay roof tiles are very resistant against the elements!

Clay roof tiles will out perform any other roofing material against the effects of rain, snow, and ice. Because clay roof tiles have such a long life, it is vital that the sub roof material is sound too. Having a weak roof, or one that will allow moisture to build up and rot the wooden beams below the clay roof tiles is fatal. Rarely will the sub roof outlast the clay tiles on top! The actual roof structure must be robust enough to take the weight of the clay roof tiles, as they tend to be a little heavier than many other roofing materials. So if the existing roofing material is lighter than the replacement clay roof tiles, there's a very good chance that you will need to install additional supports before putting the clay roof tiles in place.

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