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Carefully crafted to replicate all the features of handmade clay tiles, the Clayhall handcrafted range of tiles offers an excellent alternative when budget restrictions are a concern, but without compromising quality or durability.

The Clayhall range has been carefully designed with a continuous nib feature which lends itself to design flexibility in main roof and vertical situations.

Choose from dark, medium or red rustic tones combined with natural textures to create a roof with outstanding handcrafted character but with the look of traditional handmade clay tiles.

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The Classic range of plain tiles is one of the finest ranges of clay tiles available on the market today. We source only the finest raw materials for our craftsmen to create beautifully handmade clay tiles of the highest quality and durability.

The process is rigorously monitored and checked continuously in the factory to ensure that our standards are strictly adhered to before undergoing further stringent tests by Ceram Building Technology.

Suitable for all new build and renovation projects, the plain tile range offers a variety of design options bringing versatility and character to all types of pitched roofs.

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Introducing the Conservation range of handmade clay roof tiles.

Available in two distinctive colours, created by using a very fine sand, The Conservation Weathered; A natural warm tone, achieving an instant mellow and settled look and The Conservation Red; perfect for vertical tiling especially suited for villages and hamlets with olde worlde vernacular charm.

Manufactured using high quality clay, achieving high strength and durability properties, giving homeowners and contractors peace of mind for many years to come. The conservation range comes with a complete set of associated fittings.

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Plain clay roofing tiles laid to a double lap have been used for roof covering in England since before the Norman Conquest and tiles dating back to Roman Times have been discovered under excavation. Evidence of their early use is to be found throughout England with the exception of the south-west peninsular and the north (Lancashire, Cumbria, Northumbria).

From the outset clay plain tiles were made incorporating fixing features. Most of the early tiles made in the Midlands and related areas were made with a single nib for hooking to laths. Early tiles made in the southern and eastern counties were more regularly provided with two large holes through which pegs for hooking could be secured.

Heritage Bespoke Blends - Your Project, Your Choice

With Heritage Blends, a truly individual statement can be made by mixing colours to create a totally bespoke roof. Blended shades add that extra element of uniqueness, so imaginative designs and concepts can be incorporated to provide something that is a 'little bit special'.

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